“I haven’t finished the course yet but I already benefit from me trading with you every morning in the live trading room.  Thanks – 
Taylor Young, Mobile, AL 

“A “HUGE” thank you for letting me be a part of this trading community.  The mentoring is the best I have ever had.  It has changed my trading to the upside and I finally feel confident in my trading.”
Thomas A., Billings, MT

“I don’t know how you do it but every day you give us profitable trades.  You are an excellent trader and I love your training.  GREAT JOB!!!
Market Mav Group

“Hi Coach, Len here from British Columbia.  I have been trading Futures with you for quite some time now and your information is spot on and have I have learn to become a successful trader.  Thank you.”
Len Z., BC Canada

“Even though I have been trading for 11 years I was struggling with inconsistent returns. Not knowing the true direction of the trend is not good while trading. All of that changed quickly after getting assistance from Coach Dewitt. I am now confident in my trades and no longer worry about losses.”
Patrick Hennee, England

“Perhaps Coach DeWitt’s greatest strength is his critical thinking.  He forces everyone to think through the entire process of trading before we take a trade.  Because of this I am now a profitable trader.  I highly recommend Coach DeWitt as a trading mentor.  He will work with you constantly for your personal improvement.”
Brian Bue, Los Altos, CA 

“I joined The Authentic Trader 9 months ago and since that time I have had 31 winning weeks.  AWESOME!!!  I am profitable almost everyday.  I loved my job at the San Francisco Zoo but since the virus hit I have had zero income.  The Authentic Trader was a God send to me and my family.  It’s great to be making money again.  I( can say without a doubt if I did not find TAT I would not be trading today.”
Bill Frost, Belmont City, CA  

“I’ve been with you guys for the last 4 months or so and have been doing incredibly well.  To be honest, I was a little worried with the oil drop and recent c-virus crisis affecting the market causing massive volatility.  Just a few days into the chaos I knew you guys were the right place to be – you are killing iit.  World class group of professional traders for sure.
Armin Senco, New Mexico

“My humble recommendation is to follow TAT Trader.  I have been trading for a long time – never been able to get into consistent profits.  I have paid all the b.s. gurus out there and finally, by chance I stumbled upon your website.  Now, I am in your trading room daily and can’t believe the results.  I love trading oil with you.  Your analysis is spot on every morning and your teaching of discipline is awesome.  The value here at TAT is incredible.  Keep up the great work Coach.
Ryan Dennis, San Diego, CA

“Thanks coach on your teaching, accuracy, and truth on trading.  I have traded oil for over 3 years and have learned to account for losses and you have made that clear from the start.  Not thanks to you I am finally profitable day in and day out, I am able to trade from anywhere I want to.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your community.”
Sharmeka White, Austin, TX

“Coach, Just a quick note to thank you for this amazing opportunity.  There is incredible amount of knowledge given forth in the live trading rooms and webinars.  THANK YOU!!!”
 Greg Nesspor, Columbus, OH

“After sitting and watching the live trading room for the past 30 days I can only say WOW – I am blown away.  I feel that I have come home, finally.  This is where I need to be to learn how to trade for profit.  I my only wish is that it didn’t take so long.  All the time I wasted on other trading programs. TAT has really helped me mature as a consistently profitable trader.  Thanks guys.”
Rick Fargo, Detroit, MI

“I started with The Authentic Trader last year (2018).  I experienced right away their extensive knowledge of trading and their live trading rooms were a breath of fresh air compared to all the crap out there.  The moderators of the trading rooms assist everyone no matter their experience level.  The rooms are very calm and professionally run. The opportunity to learn from these master traders at such an incredibly low price is outstanding.  Their customer support is awesome as well.  I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!”
Mike Convitte, Seattle, WA

“Coach, just a note to tell you I will definitely be trading your system from now on.  My wife and I made over $4,000 today trading Oil with you – INCREDIBLE!!!  This week we have had 8 winners with 2 small losses.  Our retirement just became very clear.  THANK YOU!!!”
Brit & Deb Myers, Redwood City, CA

“Good Afternoon TAT:  Just wanted to say that I am enjoy being in the live trading rooms. You guys keep it fresh, fun and above all profitable.  DO you guys ever trade overnight trades?  I wish I was introduced to you years ago.  See you tomorrow morning.”
Brian Kapylian, Colorado Springs, CO  

“Coach DeWitt, thank you for sharing TAT’s trading methodology with me.  I am now rocking the oil pits.  I will be adding the ES and 6E soon.  I have learned so much being in your live trading rooms.  You do a GREAT job.  Trading for me is now relaxed and I have confidence as an everyday trader.”
Booby Brooks, Canton, OH

“Hey Coach, I am up over $2,000 in gains this week trading just 2 contracts.  I am now moving to 3 contracts.  HERE WE GO!!!   Cody Zacher, Boise, ID

“I am so pleased to write to you and share with you my results.  I AM SO HAPPY.  I started with $5,000 and the results have been amazing.  One week of trading and my account now stands at $10,474.  Not to shabby right?  15 years I have been trying to be successful and finally – WHAM.  I am extremely grateful for TAT.  I tip my hat to you guys.”
Dennis From Pittsburgh, PA 

“Coach, This has been a very busy week for me.  I hit my trading goal every day.  SWEET!!!  I am working hard to develop my trading plan that you taught me.  I learn something new each day.  Thanks for all you do for us.”
Lucy Cantrell, Spokane WA

“Over the years I have traded in many trading rooms.  This is the first room that is true to their word.   They trade for consistent profit.  I can take their exact trades and along the way they teach me how to trade for my own financial gain.”    Charles Sepeck, Toronto Canada

“My trading career has been a disappointment.  Trading system after trading system nothing worked for me.  Then I ran into The Authentic Trader and life as I knew it changed.  They have a simple simple system that works in any market condition.  You will love these guys.”  
Scott Thomas, Peoria, AZ

“Trevor & Coach trade what they teach and regardless of your level of experience, they will help you become a better trader.  Bet on it.”
 Jeff Barkley, Springfield, IL

“I have been a member for about 3 months not and because of The Authentic Trader my retirement just got a hell of a lot closer.  Their method is easily understood.  I have been playing around with trading for the past 5 years and finally I am able to dive all the way in.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in my life.”
Debbie Becker, Lake Tahoe, CA

“So many bullshit gurus out there trying to sell you something.  They don’t even trade.  These two men are real traders and it shows every day in their live trading room.  I have for sure rec’d my moneys worth.  I joined them at their lifetime membership level and have never looked back.  THANK YOU TAT!!!”
Chip Doyle, Orange County, CA

“Before TAT I was a losing trader.  14 years of buying crappy systems and fake gurus.  All that has changed now.  All I do is plug into the TAT trading room each morning, listen to their trading skills, and BOOM – profits.  Yes, I do take a losing trade from time to time but it’s ok knowing that a winner is right around the corner. I am so grateful for finding these two gentlemen.  I’ve learned to trade for profit and now have a lifetime skill that I may use anytime I like.”
William Evert, Tulsa, OK

“I knew nothing about the Forex market until I met The Authentic Trader.  They were very patient with me and my learning curve.  When I first got started, the best part was I was able to take the same trades they were taking for my own personal profits.  Now, I know how to trade on my own – a lifetime knowledge that will never be taken from me.  It is great knowing I don’t need to depend on anyone else for my income.  Thanks guys -“
Anthony Tigert, Frisco, TX

“I can sum up The Authentic Trader in one word – INCREDIBLE”
Marge Myers, Redwood City, CA